Friday, 9 May 2014

What Are Tax-Related Identity Thefts That You Need to Apply for a Loan?

In this tax season have you seen what you have done and what you have not? In the month of January, 13-17, 2014 to be Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week there was a campaign set with goals to help people protecting themselves from fraudulent activities.

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Now the question comes - What is tax-related identity theft and how can you tell if you are the victim of this crime? At the beginning you must know that identity theft get hold of Social Security number and uses that information for several purposes:

So when you need car financing in this tax season you must pay attention to the following state:

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1. If someone is using your social security number and files the tax return against it, you will get a refund. Then you can file the IRS and will get a return that comes already and will redirect the notice that has more than one file to have a return.

2. When a thief is going to use your SSN to gain employment the employer will report the income at the IRS. When you go for filing the return and it does not include the income from the employer's W-4 form, the IRS team will send you a notice and fails to induce the money in a calculation against your taxes.

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