Monday, 23 June 2014

It’s Time to Narrow Down Your Car Buying Choice

When you urge to buy a car, you must take a deep notice on the car pricing. Since, you have to apply for a car loan prior to your car purchase so you must consider the car pricing that can jam up with your free auto loan quote perfectly in any situation.

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You must prepare a list of the car that you feel as your primary choice and make sure that their pricing suits your car loan amount. Take the list of the cars you have noticed and start researching on them online, as the way you did during the car loan shopping. Visit the automakers websites or independent automobile information sites to assess the cars features that are important for you to get an estimate on the inventory in your locality.

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The car loan should be able to support the car price, so try to negotiate as much as you can by making relevant queries on the invoice price of the car that the dealers has paid. Choose a car at least 5 percent less than you monthly budget to give you space to cover up the cost on fuel, insurance, repairs and maintenance.

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Therefore, it’s time to narrow down your choice to make your loan payments stay stable and does not burn a hole in your pocket.

New or Used – What Should You Prefer?

Planning to buy a car, well apart from deciding on the car price and the amount of the sub prime auto loan, the most important decision, which a buyer has to make is – deciding their purchase type that is a new or a used car.

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Yes, the toughest decision to make as both the type has separate advantages and disadvantages. Used cars are now in high demand these days rather for few years from now. As making the prices high overall while there is a wide array than ever regarding the expensive cars.

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Because of this the buyers wants to consider new or used cars that exactly fits according to their budget. You know that there are trade-offs with both new and used cars. If you like to buy used cars this means you can get a more expensive car for your money, but the trade-offs does not include the vehicle’s history. You will get a shorter warranty period during the car ownership and the higher interest rates.

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Whereas buying a new car indicates that, you will get fewer features for the same amount of money. As you will get the benefit of the full warranty as well as the maintenance fees on them besides the road assistance, well we do not think we need to mention the lower interest rates.

Why Should You Decide What Can You Afford While Buying Cars?

If you think to buy a car in the upcoming months, then most essential thing that you have to do is to start planning and budgeting about your purchase. We know car buying is a costly process and you have to take many hassles to buy a car ultimately.

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Moreover, this is the second expensive purchase of the Americans just after their home. In order to avoid making a bad decision make sure what you can afford against it before addressing the car quotes or an auto loan request.

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If you set your eyes on car specifically, then you are surely going to miss out a lot on your budget. What you must look for is the amount that you can spend on your car. You must assess your spending and must not direct more than 20 percent towards your car loan payments.

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This is the god rule of thumb for all the car buyers. This budget should not only consider the percentage of your car loan payments, but everything that costs to operate them, including gasoline and the car insurance. You can use the auto loan calculator to help determine the total spending on your monthly bills and the necessary savings that you can make through this purchase.

Friday, 20 June 2014

Whom Will You Choose As Your Co-Signer?

You might have bad credits and there are chances to show discrepancy in your credit report. Even if you fix the errors, the instability makes the lender hesitate to grant you a loan. So when you avail a bad credit auto loan, make sure you walk in with a co-signer who have a good credit score.

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Yes, a co-signer is a person who agrees to pay on behalf of you, if you miss or stop making payments against the loan taken.

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Choosing a co-signer is the toughest task, as you have to wary a lot on who will agree upon the loan terms and willingly pay the monthly payments. You should obviously choose a person who is sure about you, knows your habit and can feel the financial situation from close. It may be your parents or may be a close family friend or a well-wisher. However, keep in mind – he or she must have a good credit score to support your payments and lender must review it to reduce their risk.

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In case, a college-goers buys a car, his or her parent can be the co-signer as he does not have credit score at all. As for people landed up with bad credit a friend in strong confidence can be the ideal partner.

3 Steps To Find The Ideal Loan For Your Car

When you think to buy a car, you have to take a little hassle for few days and invest your time in researching the purchase of a car. If you think to buy a car well its good to look into a cheap car loan at first. You must find ways to make your processing better and easily feasible with your financial situations.

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• When you start looking for the car loan quotes online you must use the approval amount calculator. Auto loan calculator is one of the handiest tool that will help you to find out what is the exact amount that you need to pay. It takes into consideration the total gross monthly income as well as your current utility bills and debts.

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• You must apply for an online car loan. Look for those customized solutions to get the best information and find the best dealer in your locality.

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• After you look satisfied with the car loan request and verified the information, set up a time to make a visit at the dealers shop. Then you can get the full picture of the auto financing needs. You will be then able to select the best car that will fall within your price range and will help you to make a smart purchase.

Tips To Keep an Eye on the Malicious Dealers and Lenders

There are lenders and car dealers who often try to take advantage of the bad credit situations of the individual who applies for a loan. Some of the tips that you must remember to recognize the right lender are –

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• If the lender ask you to carry on with the purchase processing as fast as possible, with reasons such as, “only two car left in the inventory” or “this is the only color we have, be wary and opt for another dealer.

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• Some of the dealer will blow their own trumpet and make it sound like they are going to offer the best deal in the market. In addition, after that they will try to raise the price of the new vehicle to make greater profits. Keep a track on the numbers and the other details, like length of the loan and if you feel something tricking, feel free to walk away from the shop.

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• When you find a great deal over the internet and you walk to the shop to cash it, dealer will inform about the stock clearance. And they will come up with yet another deal which will be thousand more than you have planned.

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• Make sure that the interest rates, fees, numbers and details you get in writing from the lenders. This will help to make your position strong if you find any discrepancy in the online auto financing.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Finding the Right Lender - An Essential Aspect of Car Loan Processing

You might have thought to buy a car and you sat 24 hours browsing the popular website to find out exciting offers granted by the local dealer. However, before deciding upon the car of your choice you might have searched the lender to avail the auto loan request of your choice.

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Well, are you satisfied with the choice of lender like the way you have chosen you car. Hope not. You have not speculated many aspects while you sat to choose the car loan lender. The car loan quotes might have attractive offers but have your looked through the hidden terms it has. Have you seen whether the loan term is going to affect your credit score in the end or not?

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It is essential for the smart buyers to speculate every aspect of the lenders to find out the most comfortable one for him or her.

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You must find out if the lender provides you with comfortable interest rates, when you will ask for refinance whether his negotiating   terms are palpable and can gel in any situation whether he can sustain the skipping of one payment and report it at the end of the loan payments withou6t hurting your credit score. This all features are must for the right lender and the reputed lender will surely provide you with all these facilities to bring repeat business form you.

Ways to Improve your Loan Status Other Than Refinancing

Well, if you think refinancing is the only option for the people to improve their loan status, then you must think again. Well consumers do have a fair chance to improve their loan status obviously by the following ways –

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Down Payment

When you refinance your auto loan, you actually create a new agreement between you and the lenders. You can still offer the lender down payments of considerable amount. Even a low amount of $500 can help to lower the monthly bills.


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If possible, add someone with a strong credit score to your loan processing as a co-signer. This will help your lender to reassure the lenders that you have a way to pay your loan back. Bringing in a co-signer is a risky thing, so choose a person who knows you at close.

Extended Loan Term

Deciding to change your online auto financing for the term of 36 to 48 months can help to reduce the monthly payments considerably. Being proactive for your loan processing it denotes the difference made between payments or missing them out in the run and hurting your credit.

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So start thinking once again and choose any one of the above options to improve your loan status as soon as you star improving your credit score.

Poor Credit Repossession in Rise: Tips Customer Must Follow

While the subprime loan grew in Q1 and it was possible for the consumer to get bad credit auto loan easily, but with the rise of delinquencies it might propel the lender to tighten their credit standards, ultimately making the credit less accessible in the upcoming future.

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Other findings of the recent reports suggests that possessions were up 36.5 percent overall in Q1 2014, increasing from 0.50 percent in Q1 2013 to 0.68 percent in Q1 2014. Well, the rise was due to the financial companies that provides majority of the online car loan to the credit stricken customers.

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We have seen that in Q1 2014, repossession b y financial companies showed their rates to jump by 69.1 percent, from 1.78 percent in Q1 2013 to 3.01 percent in Q1 2014.”

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Hence, we advise our customer to follow some tips before applying for a loan:
  • Stay informed on the credit information and must provide suitable explanation to the negative information
  • Try to know at least one of your credit score
  • Choose an affordable range of cars such as a mid-size or a small car with ranks between payments range of 10% to 15% of your gross monthly income
  • As the lenders have started to scrutinize your credit terms carefully, a higher down payment make your score more for a loan

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Refinance – Finance Option for the Budget Lovers

Refinancing, hope the term is not new to the people who keeps a note on our blog regularly. You know what is refinancing, a finance option that lets you negotiate the loan terms once more when you financial condition becomes stable.

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Negotiating on the cheap car loan is indeed a great scope for those who really wants to restore their financial position. We have seen many a borrowers who came to us with bad credits and availed a zero credit car loan due to their poor financial status. They took our advice, removed the errors, and started to improve their credit score. They made monthly payments on time, even introduced a co-signer who can forward the payments if they missed any one.

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Well, we must say that they were serious about working back on their credit score. After a year, they came to us to negotiate and refinance their loan according to some suitable terms. Refinancing not only lowered their interest rate, but also can alternate their loan terms if they ask. We review the capability of the borrower and allow them to refinance accordingly to their need.

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Look for refinancing if you want to save more during the loan term. Stay cautious and financially sound.

Shopping Car Loan Offers: Essential Aspect to Boost Your Purchase

This is evident that we often have to opt for pre-financing prior to our car purchase. Our financial experts share their opinion on this and say that people who are going to make a car purchase must suitable loan prior to their car shopping.

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Often people ignore shopping car loans and lands up in a mess. They opt for reviewing the car models, their features and give more importance to their wants more than their necessities.

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Well, we advise our customer to look for the easy auto loan before you opt the car of your choice. Look for the monthly payments against the car loan you avail. Check whether you can sustain the monthly payments in the duration of the loan. If the loan aptly fits in your budget, then you should make the big step of selecting a car of your choice.

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The most essential thing that a borrower has to keep in mind is that the car they choose should be pocket-friendly and should not amplify the loan. Try to buy a car that will stay within a range and helps you to keep the car financial aspects under control.

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Buyers, do not ignore car loan shopping, review the car loan quotes online and look for the most attractive offers and deals. Be smart and make safe purchase.

Credit Score: Do You Monitor It Regularly

Often people come up with questions at our blog whether we can help them with bad credit auto loan.We surely help them, but in most cases, we have to dishearten them. The poor score is never an obstruction for us. We at Car Loan ASAP avail bad credit financing to our customers at a comfortable rate.

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However, there are cases were we have to disapprove the loan application. It is due to the errors in the credit score. Yes, major errors in the credit report often lands up the borrowers into big trouble. How such errors arrive in the credit report?

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Well, there are instances when your credit habits misses out the reporting by your lenders, or if there is a swapping of credit details between person of identical names and surnames. Our financial experts always suggest our borrowers to review their credit score annually from the to keep a tab on such careless errors.

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If you can keep a note on such errors, you can easily work out a bad credit loan in your favor. So monitoring your credit score is important despite if you have a poor credit score. Today, you have easy access to bad credit loans, so you must not ignore your credit report even if you have bad scores.