Thursday, 15 May 2014

Subprime Lending is Getting Better

Report published by Trans Union proves that subprime borrower debt has started to increase and it rose more than 7% in the last year. Delinquency level for this segment remained the same, moving from 4.94% in Q2 2012 to 5.02% in Q2 2013. As a percentage of borrowers, the subprime group has not changed from the last year still constituting 14.9% of the new accounts.

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This traces a positive sign since the rise in subprime balance indicate that they are receiving new loans. The fact that increases delinquencies is just a minor thing and finds out borrowers who have a problem making payment can carry it out in the first year of the loan.

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In the current scenario, it shows that the cheap auto loan available for the subprime borrowers wants a broader credit range. As those car buyers, now face their best chances in more than five years of getting application approved for the car.

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