Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Tips to Protect Your Car Loan after Separation

You might have driven the car together before you went into a separation and for that you might have taken a car loan. After the separation, you have to face the bills of many purchases that now you feel like unwanted. Important aspects such as home loan or a car loan will depend on your credit worthiness, so after the divorce you must try to assess your credit score and must keep it in the best possible place.
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Here are the three best tips for them who have made a car loan quote before their separation and now needs to maintain their credit as a result of it:
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1.            Take care of your joint accounts
It is a good idea to close the shared accounts with your ex. Such as credit cards of joint car loans. Freeze the account to avoid future charges.
 2.            Try refinancing the previous loan
 For loans that are in your names go for refinancing and put the name in the loan whoever is responsible for it.
 3.            Establish credit
In most of the time, only one spouse has a good credit, and if you are the spouse who does not have a credit score, then it is your time to establish it.

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