Thursday, 22 May 2014

Clear Your Concept on the Direct Lenders

It is the common experience of the lenders that the consumers have poor credits and do not understand who to rely when they need an auto loan to purchase a vehicle.

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At our Car Loan ASAP, we have understood this situation and we have spent years helping the car buyers with cheap car loan having poor credit score. For the people who are having poor credits, they need to find the right dealer and in that instance a Direct Lender can help you in the correct manner.

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Direct Lenders
Direct lenders arrange for cheap auto loans which are able to leverage benefits to consumer directly. This indicates that when the borrowers get a loan approval from these lenders they can shop both new and used car.

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Direct lenders are person who typically finance the consumers based on the following loan categories:
• Private party auto loans – They offer auto loan to purchase a vehicle from another
• Franchised new car dealership purchase financing – They offer auto loan to buy a new or used car at a franchised new car dealer such as Honda, Ford, Hyundai, etc.
• Independent dealership purchase financing – They offer loan to buy used cars from the independent used car seller some
• Car loan refinance – They offer refinancing options over the existing loans

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