Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Long-Term Or Short Term: What Do You Need?

This is a tough situation and decision an individual has to make when he or she takes zero credit car loans. If you avail, a cheap auto loan you for the bad credit score you must try to resolute to a long-term loan. When you have a good score, it is advisable to take a short-term loan as it saves you from paying the extra money at the end.

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Why are we advising bad credit score people to avail a long-term loan? Well, the reason is simple, if you take a long-term loan the monthly payment lowers. For example if you take a loan of $5000, it will charge $336 as monthly payment for a 7-year loan. As for short-term it charges $500 which might be painful to bear if you have a bad credit score.

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It is better you start repairing your bad score in the midst of running the loan. This will leave with the opportunity to refinance the loan if you want to end up paying a long-term and save those extra interests from flowing out of your pocket.

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Therefore, you have both the options that work flexibly according to your financial situation. So assess your financial state and choose your loan term.

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