Wednesday, 11 June 2014

What Hurts Your Credit Score?

You need to review your credit report carefully when you apply for a car loan quote. Often the financial experts are of the opinion that – a customer must review their credit report carefully as it comes with many errors and try to remove them to have fewer hassles in approving the loan application.

Refinancing Your Loan

Here are few instances, which hurt your credit score badly, either you should avoid them and if you cannot try to restore the state as soon as you gain momentum, your loan application can get a rejection.

No Credit Auto Finance
  • A bankruptcy under chapter 13 and chapter 7 leaves marks on your credit report for ten years. However, you can fade these marks if you are able to control your financial state in a managed hand after the end of bankruptcy.
  • If you fail to make against the utility bill over six months, the lenders closes the accounts or it is the charge-off. This charge-offs add in your credit report and hurts your score.
  • Debt collection is yet another thing, which a lender asks a third party to collect in the meantime reporting about your payments habits to the credit bureaus.
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So put a little stress on your credit report to remove the errors as fast as you can to approve your car loan in a hassle free manner.

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