Monday, 23 June 2014

New or Used – What Should You Prefer?

Planning to buy a car, well apart from deciding on the car price and the amount of the sub prime auto loan, the most important decision, which a buyer has to make is – deciding their purchase type that is a new or a used car.

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Yes, the toughest decision to make as both the type has separate advantages and disadvantages. Used cars are now in high demand these days rather for few years from now. As making the prices high overall while there is a wide array than ever regarding the expensive cars.

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Because of this the buyers wants to consider new or used cars that exactly fits according to their budget. You know that there are trade-offs with both new and used cars. If you like to buy used cars this means you can get a more expensive car for your money, but the trade-offs does not include the vehicle’s history. You will get a shorter warranty period during the car ownership and the higher interest rates.

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Whereas buying a new car indicates that, you will get fewer features for the same amount of money. As you will get the benefit of the full warranty as well as the maintenance fees on them besides the road assistance, well we do not think we need to mention the lower interest rates.

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