Thursday, 17 January 2013

Online car loan: Pros and cons of shopping for car loan online

If someone tells you that internet is the best place to shop for loans and insurances, then he is not telling you any lie. Without a doubt, the wide range of offers and deals available online can really spoil you for choices and help you manage your finances in the most lucrative manner. However, the same place is also home to scammers and fraudulent men. It is possible that you may get trapped by a wrong person or by a company which is not authentic. So, prudence needs to be maintained all the time.

So, should one go for online car loan or should he stick to the traditional method? There are a number of pros and cons which need to be weighed. Here is a quick look:


i.                    Saving time: Imagine living in a world where there is no internet? In such a scenario, you would have to make personal visits to dealers and lenders. This can be excruciatingly time-consuming. Even if you spend your whole day over such visits, you will end up meeting only around 5-10 people. This is what used to happen till the 80s. But internet gives you the chance to look for car loan merchants in just minutes and to scan through dozens of them in just an hour.

ii.                  Getting the best deal: Since, you get to check out rates offered by all the top dealers in a jiffy, you can easily figure out which deal is best for you in terms of rates and terms & conditions. This benefit doesn’t arise in terrestrial shopping, wherein you get little scope for comparing due to lack of alternatives.

iii.                Get customized preferences: Online car loan also gives you opportunity to get custom preferences. Most merchants look at your needs and give you a greater choice. Plus, due to high web-based competition, every lender is on his toes and tries to come up with the highest discounts. There is no scope for monopolizing the market and so there is little scope for customer exploitation. 

iv.                Bad credit loan: Owing to high competition, many websites also take high risks of offering bad credit car loan. So, even if your credit rating is poor, you can avail funds and fulfill your dream of buying a car.

i.                    Difficult to choose: Online shopping for loans also poses some challenges. At times, there can be the so-called ‘problem of plenty’. Surrounded by so many attractive deals & offers, you may find it difficult to figure out the best company. 

ii.                  Scam: The biggest con of taking online car loan is the possibility of falling for scam. So, it is most advisable that you always verify the authenticity of the company before advancing any money or your credit card details. Besides, some unreliable websites may lack the efficiency to take up your requests speedily or to address grievances in a timely manner. 

Despite these cons, getting a car loan online has its merits which easily outnumber the demerits. If you are careful and cautious with your privacy, then you only get to gain from such transactions.

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